Outlandish - Always Remember - lyrics



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Outlandish - Always Remember - lyrics

Isam's Verse
i dont know how, dont know where to start
i got the call-know its time to part
before i leave i took my little one to sleep
and then i kissed his lips so gently and said
its okay

Waqas's Verse
hey yo
we sound so delicious, they should give us michelin stars
elmoro for you and yours and ur grandpapa???
i visited....?? on my donkey cheetah
walked through ur hood- so holla at a playa
but err need to go back to my love but this is pulling so hard
had to see.....??
to find a safe path home, love, kiss, hug, make up and spend time in the morn?? but always remember my love

as i travel round the world
theres one thing that i'll be leaving
thats my heart, my girl is yours
so dont forget
always remember (siempre recuerda)
rest assured my love is yours
always remember (til the sun gonna rise)
i'll be back in no time
baby always remember
throw ur hands in the sky if u feel the vibe
now put ur hands in the sky and wave them side to side

Isam's Verse
its so true, theres no place like home
u feel it most, when ur love is gone
ooh can u relate, can u imagine being far away, can you
never thought i'd feel this way
(its okay)

Waqas's Verse
to say it ain't easy, to be so far away
i hear her teardrop and feel the earth shake
so here's a flying kiss
i send it by the wind
thro sms msn all the way to her chin
so whether im rocking the stage in cairo,
chillin in karachi, ......??. in chicago
i know that she knows, that me no ego???
i keep her in my heart, whereever i go


Siempre recuerdo como va,como va, lo que da,como esta, Niña ten en cuenta que yo siempre, de mi cena yo regreso a Tu presente, y que siempre siento fuerte lo que sientes,soy Creyente, transparente, transparente

Home is where i love (and spanish bit) 3x


now im home, did u miss me babe
as i unpack, im just so happy to be back and see her face..



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