Black Eyed Peas - Showdown - lyrics


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Yeah, yeah, yeah - yo, yo, yo
This is how we do it - this is how we go
This is how we rock - this is how we roll
This is how we do it, do it
Do-do, do-do it, do it

[Verse One:]
It's goin down now and not a tad bit later
All around the world both sides of the equator
Terrorize the funk call me Booty Al'Qaeda
I'll verify that I got lots of hoochies on data
Govern California, Black Eyed Peas, the +Terminators+
We the exterminators, invade ya like the Raiders
Ignore all the haters, inform all the ladies
It's goin down now and not a tad bit later

In 10, 9, 8, 7-6-5
4, 3, 2, 1, 1 (one) 1 (one) 1 (one) 1 (one)
You ready, you ready?
Get ready for the showdown {*2X*}
Yo it's about to go down
Yo it's about to go, go dow-oww-own

[Verse Two:]
Apl's in the buildin and I'm here to motivate you
Show you how we do it, do it, we still demonstrators
The funk for your trunk, take you high like elevators
Give you what you want courtesy Mr. Pinata
We breakin down them barriers, call us the penetrators
Electrify your area, bzzzzap, yea-yah
Go ahead and hate us, it only makes us greater
It's going down now and not a tad bit later


It's goin down, it's goin down, uh-huh, uh-huh {*3X*}
It's comin yeah, it's comin yo, uh-huh, uh-huh

[Verse Three]
We the... show stoppers, show rockers
Show y'all how we rock shit, got'cha
all open, no jokin
Wanna rock it like this keep open
Obama, no drama
Keep hittin them skins like karma
Big drummin, we comin
We comin, we come


[repeat Intro]

The most powerful force on the planet
Is the energy of the youth
One can stimulate the economy
But when this powerful youth becomes activated
and stimulated
And collectively decides not to buy things
What will happen to the economy?


Analfabeten der kunne regne
Mig for dig
Stolthed og lyst
Svalens graf
eget ansvar
en flange i himlen
en hellig alliance
to brodre




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